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openbve Lincolnshire

Post by mobile1 on Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:03 am

Hi All,
I have published the new web site, with the latest route file, its not as i had planned the site to be, but I discovered too late, that the host has a 5mb upload limit for the plan i chose to pay for. There are plans to host the files elseware, but thats for the future..
I have had to split the files into smaller groups, but once downloaded and placed into the correct folders all works well, let me know if anyone has major problems and i will try to help.
Please bear in mind that the layout is so because I do still think that the original concept of Bve/Openbve being free is still formost in my mind.
I certainly do not object to the contributons system that other members have, and i would encourage people to contribute to these.... anyway the site is now under the
The site layout is ongoing, all acknowledgements and links will be completed this weekend..
The next release will be the Class 37 freight, Cricklewood sidings to Temple Mills yard...

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