District or Met files wanted!

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District or Met files wanted!

Post by Stephen Cross on Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:40 am

Hi all,

Many years ago before I fell ill I had two (2) projects on the go.

1. District Line extension to Wimbledon - all trackwork done and platforms in.

2. Metropolitan Line to Wembley Park - this also had all trackwork done, maybe even to Harrow on the Hill (I think it was) and platforms in.

I was working on the District Line with Paul Jobber and is anyone in contact with him?

The Met was being made pretty by Joshim Nur and I even saw screenshots of Baker Street and Dollis Hill (on Jube). I drove it Harrow on the Hill to test it, again is anyone in contact with Joshim? Joshim had put cable runs over track, bridges, beautiful platform buildings, an aweful lot of work to just disappear into BVE vapourware.

I have been sorting through my files on the HDD that backed up my failed PC, but I have not found either route files.

Any help would be appreciated, even a copy of the routes if you have somehow got a copy. I will be glad to receive a copy and not ask how you got it.

Just read my post again, if you have a copy of a file or know one of their e-mail addresses please PM me or use bve@internode.on.net

Bye for now,


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