A few Questions PLEASE

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A few Questions PLEASE

Post by CaptED on Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:39 pm

Hi to All...

As a Newbie I have several questions that I am unable to find an Answer too...
I see OpenBVE as a Hands ON type simulator... Meaning you must be willing to work on it ...
Fixing Errors/Warnings...

Q.1) I currently am using OpenBVE ver.1.4.2 is OpenBVE still being supported by the Designers??

Q.2) If it is being Supported where do I go to report Bugs or request items fixed..??
Please give link....

Q.3) I find I am able to use different Engines/Trains on most Routes... But there are some Scenery/Routes that
will not allow for different Trains... ?? Third Rail Scenery seems to not allow DMU...
Can You run a Diesel on a Route with overhead Elec...??

What can I do to fix this if Possible...

Q.4) I cannot find any thing doing a Search releated to OpenBVE and Joystick (Controller) I certainly could not be the only
person wanting this...
I do have it working with only one small issue ..... I am just looking for others that have a Joystick or Quadrant setup...
If there is enough interest I am willing to Explain in Detail how I got mine working ... It is not as easy as YOU think....

Thanks in Advance....

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Re: A few Questions PLEASE

Post by Drag0nflamez on Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:01 pm

Q1: yes and no. The original main developer (michelle) is gone, but odakyufan is still developing..

Q2: not really... development seems to have almost stalled...

Q3: On UK routes: sure, take another UK diesel... don't use diesels on


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Re: A few Questions PLEASE

Post by buckysam on Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:53 am

The original developer has disappeared from the scene. No one knows what happened to her or why she left. And yes you can run DMUs on lines with overhead electric. Thats what a lot of real life lines do.


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Re: A few Questions PLEASE

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