Class 03 loco

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Re: Class 03 loco

Post by mrknowitall on Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:09 am

This thread has been locked until the author of the original post can give sufficient evidence that work is his own. We do not allow copyrighted items to be show/given via PM, If we find this has now been sent via PM all users involved can be given a warning.

I will leave this for the admin to decide to either clean or delete, but in my opinion should be deleted.

2) Copyright infrigement - all we do for BVE is free of charge, so in case you want to use someone else's work, please try to obtain the original author's permission first. It won't cost you a single penny and you might start some interesting cooperations (Trust me, I know). If you feel that you work has been misused, please provide a conclusive evidence PRIOR TO throwing accusations.

Please note that under no circumstances will posts directly accusing anyone with theft of work be tolerated. Should a copyright infingement occur in any of the posts related to THIS forum, the correct procedure is to report such post using the so-called button or informing the forum admin via pm. If suitable, the post will be after judging the evidence provided removed. Should arguments or fights be transferred from other forums here, the thread will be erased and all involved users will be treated accordingly. This is not anything personal, it is just to prevent this forum from becoming a battlefield as what we want is to develop something new for the simulator and discuss about railways, not argue with each other."

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Re: Class 03 loco

Post by Dexter on Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:04 am

The original post removed as it was clearly announcing the aim to distribute work with copyright issues not being resolved. Many things are paid for in MSTS and therefore we cannot afford to promote their redistribution without the original author's consensus. I keep the section from the forum rules attached by Ben, as this is exactly is the case when it needs to be observed.

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