A Very Serious Matter

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A Very Serious Matter

Post by wheeltapper on Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:51 am

May I draw your attention to this:
The text is clear enough and reads
Owing to permissions being withdrawn for a quantity of the objects/textures which made up the NWM routes, the pages and downloads have been taken offline.
There were plans to host the Trainsimcentral and BVE4.net files on a new server, but they may, or may not return. I don't wish to be part of this 'community' at the moment. No discussion will be entered into.
Many thanks for all your support and for the offers of hosting since TSC closed. Steve

It is plain to see that the consequences of these recent disagreements have (quite rightly) disgusted the proprietor of one of the premier products for the BVE sim. While this will not impact as seriously in other countries it is potentially the death knell for the sim in the British Isles.

This makes it all the more important that an active and dedicated core of developers can place some mechanism in place to put a stop ONCE AND FOR ALL to all this nonsense and bullshite over copyright and permissions. I recommend you all look long and hard at the framework Derryck has put forward. And let us see if we can pick up the pieces. This has all gone much too far. Something may be salvaged with the goodwill shown by the few of us who have contributed to the discussion on this board, although we cannot pretend that the future will not be diminished by the absence of the NWM contribution.

We are living on a knife edge, brethren. All it wants now is for Michelle to decide she's had quite enough of all the nonsense. And don't kid yourselves that it won't happen!!

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Re: A Very Serious Matter

Post by kwijiboenator on Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:49 pm

I don't think it's NWM that's disgusted by it - it looks to be more of a case of one of the contributors to NWM deciding to pull the copyright for their work that has caused this - I think that's what NWM meant by 'we don't want to be part of the community as it is right now'.

But I do imagine if somebody else came along with whatever is needed to make up for the items NWM has lost, then perhaps it might return...?

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