90046 Derailment at Bletchley (Moved by request)

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90046 Derailment at Bletchley (Moved by request)

Post by pedned on Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:59 pm

At approximately 02.20 on 3rd February, an electric locomotive operated by Freightliner, but on loan to Virgin Trains derailed at Bletchley South Junction, south of Milton Keynes. The Class 90, No. 90046 was operating light engine at the time and the driver sustained minor injuries.

The derailed locomotive is currently blocking the WCML and Network Rail says the incident has caused significant damage to the infrastructure in the area.

Investigators from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch have completed their initial work on site, allowing Network Rail engineers to begin carrying out repairs to the tracks and overhead lines. The company hope to have two out of the four lines open by the early afternoon, though it is unlikely that repairs to the remaining lines will be completed today owing to the scale of the damage.

Passengers are advised to consult National Rail Enquiries before they travel as services on the West Coast Main Line are subject to significant disruption. Currently, much reduced services are operating between London Euston and Tring with bus connections to Milton Keynes for services northwards.

Virgin Trains and Network Rail are working with RAIB as they continue their investigation.

Borrowed from http://www.railwayherald.co.uk

I've heard news, which is circulating, which suggests the derailment brought down around a mile of Overhead Wires, and has damaged several OHLE centenaries. Some also say that in the image, they can see what seems to be concrete, under one of the bogies. Which may suggest that somebody, or some people, have laid some type of blockade on the line, with the intent to derail a train.... Although this is conspiracy at the minute, and nothing has been confirmed by the RAIB. Although the Police have turned it into a Scenes of Crime area, which may suggest that the rumours are true.

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Re: 90046 Derailment at Bletchley (Moved by request)

Post by pedned on Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:22 pm

From BBC News Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-16878118
A freight train engine which derailed on the West Coast mainline at Bletchley may have been going too fast, Network Rail has said.

The line has partially reopened after being closed for more than 12 hours, causing major delays.

Rail passengers are warned to expect further delays, which could run into the weekend.

The Freightliner locomotive appeared to have approached a set of points at high speed, a Network Rail spokesman said.

He said that this caused the tracks to buckle, damaged wooden sleepers and brought down some overhead cables.

"You are meant to approach points at a relatively low speed," the spokesman said. "But it looks like that move was taken at a high speed and, as a result, the train has derailed."
Two lines open

Limited rail services between London Euston and Milton Keynes have resumed.

All London Midland, Southern and Virgin rail services were cancelled after the incident at Bletchley south junction shortly before 02:30 GMT.

Two trains an hour will run from London to Manchester Piccadilly and Birmingham until further notice. One train an hour will run between London and Liverpool Lime Street

The driver was the only person on board the electric locomotive and is being treated for injuries.

The engine was not pulling any freight or carriages.

Engineers have now cleared two of the four lines damages in the incident, which has allowed some services to begin running.

The engine is upright but blocking the line until heavy lifting equipment can be brought in later to remove it from the tracks.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch is conducting an investigation.

The Freightliner engine was being operated on behalf of Virgin trains, hauling some of its older trains.

Passengers are being advised to consult National Rail Enquiries if they intend to travel.


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Re: 90046 Derailment at Bletchley (Moved by request)

Post by 92220 on Sat Feb 04, 2012 6:01 pm

That explains why I've not heard a single train pass by all day. Not like last weekend with detonators going off all day long.

West Coast services restored after derailment

If the loco was supposed to be doing 15mph and yet
The derailed locomotive continued for some distance, causing serious damage to the track and also the overhead lines
then it must have been going too fast.

Does this mean Virmin Virgin have to pay for the damage?

P.S. It's started snowing here now. santa

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Re: 90046 Derailment at Bletchley (Moved by request)

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