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Hi all! New member

Post by busheyheath on Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:01 pm

Hi all!
Some of you will remember me from other forums. I have been on several of them, some existing, some nearly dead, and many down.
Bacause there is not a proper introduction forum I will post here. I am living in the Netherlands, and I have a strong interest on the London Underground. In 2009 I started to develop a semi-fictitional route for open BVE, called Northern Heights Line. This line, for which the plans were made in 1924 and were implemented in 1936, would run from Moorgate via the large-bore GNCL tunnels to Finsbury Park, and from there to Highgate upper station. Then the line would proceed to Edgware via Finchley, Mill Hill to Edgware. Beyond edgware the line would run to Bushey Heath on a new track.
I have built the line with help of several other people, and it can be driven. Now I'm adapting it for use with trains with externals.
Hope to stay in contact with you all,

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