Copyright Infringement PSA

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Copyright Infringement PSA

Post by Movingmillion on Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:23 pm

As has been pointed out in a previous topic in this thread, it has come to my attention that several OpenBVE trains have been converted to the Hmmsim mobile app and leaked without the permission of the original developers. The reason as to why I have been brought to making a brand new topic is that a video has recently been posted to Youtube from a VK Group (name Hmmsim  2 Routes and link Mod Edit: Link pulled. Please drop one a mod a message if you're concerned your work may have been affected) user, and shows various trains, including MSTS leaked models that have not been converted by them, in the Hmmsim environment. Several trains, including one AD1992's 1996 Stock, have been converted without their permission. The video and members of the VK group do not mention any of the original creators.

I am extremely concerned with the way in which this group conducts themselves, and, as a former member of the said group that has attempted on several occasions for others in the group to respect copyright (to no avail), the action that I would advise developers to take is to attempt to shut the group down altogether. This way, copyright of developers is respected and not infringed in any way. 

(Note that I am almost certain that there is no possibility of convincing those in the group to respect copyright. A developer who I am sure you have become acquainted with in recent times, SP1900, has left this group recently due to them also content nagging. He has also been informed of this issue.

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Re: Copyright Infringement PSA

Post by leezer3 on Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:33 am

Thank-you for raising this issue.

From the staff perspective, we do not support the re-posting, conversion or otherwise of any content without the explicit permission of the original developer.
Where possible, we will support any developer in removing unauthorized postings of their work, however we have no authority to act independently, unless the content concerned has been posted here.

With all of that said, unfortunately, BVE-Worldwide has no direct control over the content of other websites, Facebook (or equivalent) groups.

I'm locking this thread & pulling your direct link, as posting it only serves to drive traffic to their site.
Please drop myself or another member of the team a message if you're concerned or have any questions.

Vkontake's abuse department may be contacted here if your work has been reposted:

Many thanks.


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