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Class 1200

Post by ebennekom on Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:35 pm

Hi All

Probably not in w.i.p. phase yet, I'd much rather label this a testing phase object. But I can see where it is going and pretty confident someday it will get published.

Its the ACTS 1251 in EETC livery. It comes with animated pantos', bogies, wheels, lights, and wire sparking. Exterior needs a bit of tweaking, Interior needs a lot of work. For now interior will remain 2d only since I have not been able to find usable photo's of the crammed cabin.

I've uploaded a video. The quality of it is beyond horrible. However it does show off the magnificent work leezer3 has put into reworking the plugin to allow for some functionality. That in itself if justification enough to show it. Mind you, I'll be looking into better ways/software to do video capturing but for now this will have to do.

For the ones who cannot sit through the video (I don't blame ya Smile ) screenshot is attached below.

Please note since I'm very new to all this openBVE stuff, I am very open minded about any kind of comments/critiques/tips/suggestions you may have.

Edit. Yeah I know, EETC never used this loc to haul container trains Smile


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