New Hungarian Route Ligetes - wip

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New Hungarian Route Ligetes - wip

Post by greclev on Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:51 pm

Hello everyone,
I have been using openBVE since the early 2010s, yet it was only December 2016 when I decided to construct my first route. I was completely unfamiliar with the route building so obviously I did not want to start with a realistic route, however, I did not want to build a completely fictional route which has almost no connection with reality. So I decided to construct a realistic fiction - or something along those lines  Very Happy So, my aim is to create a typical mid 2000's Hungarian vicinal. 
The route itself is some 17 km long at the moment, mostly featuring objects from the Hungarian Object Library, although as I became more familiar with route & object building, I started to use a couple of self-made objects, too. Here you see a couple of "photos" I took during the construction:
Two Bzmot units entering Herceglak station

A meeting of two M62's at Herceglak

Railroad crossing with a signalbox

Local freighter in the woods near Hársligeti tanyák

A part of the line is electrified

Local passenger train at Margitszállás

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