London Underground Trains Overhaul!

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London Underground Trains Overhaul!

Post by Movingmillion on Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:42 pm

Thanks to Sachin Shankar on the Hmmsim 2 VK Group, very soon we shall have many 3d exterior LU trains, with use (with permission!) Of JKM D's trains on sketchup as the base.
These are the A Stock (with all liveries) 1973 Stock, 1972 Stock, 1967 Stock, D Stock (Refurbished and unrefurbished), S Stock (finally!) An overhauled 1995 and 1996 stock DLR Stock and the 1983 Stock. Picture coming soon of WIP (D Stock). After D Stock is finished, next will be the A Stock.


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