[Exoprt HOW TO]:Blender(2.76b) and Metasequoia to OpenBVE's csv

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[Exoprt HOW TO]:Blender(2.76b) and Metasequoia to OpenBVE's csv Empty [Exoprt HOW TO]:Blender(2.76b) and Metasequoia to OpenBVE's csv

Post by Midnight Express Ginga81 on Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:12 am

This is an technique of export to OpenBVE's object from blender(2.76b) on Linux(Ubuntu 16.04 and 14.04) and Windows.
I do not use mac, but if using by Wine, I think that also can convert at Mac.
[Exoprt HOW TO]:Blender(2.76b) and Metasequoia to OpenBVE's csv Blende10
These process is need to use Metasequoia.
So, also can convert from Metasequoia.
These applications (metasequoia and XtoCSV) are Windows program.
So, also can convert on Windows.

0.Install wine1.8 from PPA and newest winetricks
If you are already installed the newest wine, do not do these command.
run this command for ubuntu16.04(14.04)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install wine1.8

You must agree with MSCorefont's license.
At installing, when the screen agreeing to the contract is displayed, use L and R arrow key to move cursor to 'accept', and press enter key.

0-1.Install newest winetricks
run below command at terminal.
winetricks --version

If your winetricks version is before 2015.08.15, you must install the newest winetricks from github.
Download sourcecode from this site.

Make a shell script file and copy and paste these code and save it.
For example,'install_winetricks.sh'.
sudo apt-get remove winetricks
sudo apt-get install build-essential
unzip winetricks-master.zip
cd winetricks-master
sudo make install
cd ../

Put a downloaded winetricks's zipfile and shell script file in same folder, and run this script.
Add permission to run 'install_winetricks.sh'.
chmod +x ./install_winetricks.sh

You run this shell script, install winetricks automatically.
At terminal, type 'winetricks' and press Enter key.
Then some settings and install is automatically(mono and gecko).

Make Blender (or Metasequoia) object.

1.Make an Object at blender.

2.Export to Wavefront(OBJ).
Export Wavefront(OBJ) Options:
Forward:-Z Forward
Up:Y Up
at least Check it:
Apply modifiers
Include Edges
Write Normals
Include UVs
Write Materials
Objects as OBJ Objects
Change 1.0 to 100.0
Change 1.0 to 0.01
Path Mode:Auto

3.Download Metasequoia LE R3.0 from this site.
(Please read and obey this License(Japanese only))

If some people are in multibyte language area(for example Japanese), and if you are using multibyte objectname or folder name, download and install you must import and export at Metasequoia 4.x before run Metasequoia 3.0LE.
Convert to 'Metasequoia object Ver2.2 compatible(*.mqo)'.

Metasequoia LE R3.0 can run at Wine1.6 or 1.8.
If you are already installed wine, run these command for Ubuntu at terminal.
WINEPREFIX=~/.WineMetasequoia/ WINEARCH=win32 wineboot
WINEPREFIX=~/.WineMetasequoia/ wine uninstaller

Install metaseqle30.exe from wine's installer.

At first boot, Metasequoia can choose language(English or Japanese).
If you need to change language after, run Metasequoia and change language.
To open File menu, press ALT+F, and press C key.
Change Language from Japanese to English and press OK button.
Reboot Metasequoia.

Open an .OBJ file from Metasequoia.
Multiply 1.000
X 0 digit
Check Inbert V of mapping and Join closed vertices.
Another option is not check.

Press 'panel' menu, and show 'Object' panel and 'Material' panel.
If you do not use any materials, delete it.
Also delete if you do not use any objects.

If some UV was reversed, select reversed surfaces and press Selected and Invert menu.

Export to X file.
Export Options:
Multiply: 0.0100
X 0 digit
Check Flip Right and Left
Check Normal vector and UV Mapping.

4.Download XtoCSV from this site.

Unfortunately, download link is Onedrive,and changed link rule by Microsoft.
So, now we cannot download from this site because by Microsoft!!
So, I redistoribute at my site.

After jumped, press 'x2c02c.zip' link.

If you are using Windows, need to install dotnet2.0 and Visual C Runtime 2005.

At Linux, XtoCSV also can run at Wine1.8.
If you installed Wine1.8 from PPA, run these commands at terminal.
WINEPREFIX=~/.WineXtoCSV WINEARCH=win32 wineboot
WINEPREFIX=~/.WineXtoCSV winetricks -q dotnet20 vcrun2005

Make a folder at ~/.WineXtoCSV/drive_c/Program Files/XtoCSV
and extract files.
use this command at terminal.
WINEPREFIX=~/.WineXtoCSV wine ~/.WineXtoCSV/drive_c/Program\ Files/XtoCSV/x2cfe.exe

Converting XtoCSV:
Drag X file(s) to XtoCSV's upper list area.
select CSV and check both at middle area, and right area is upper checklist.
Do not check at RGB parameter, and do not check Frame TransformMatrix.
at last, press "変換" button, change to csv from X.
'henkan' button is second button from right.
close button is right bellow.

XtoCSV is only can convert the X file header that is 'xof 0302txt 0064'.
MetasequoiaLE R3.0' s X exporter write this header's X file.

I hope that it helps for everyone.

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