Things OpenBVE can't do.

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Things OpenBVE can't do.

Post by alex_farlie on Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:12 am

Elsewhere, one of the current un-official development team ( Given that the the Western Region has always done it's own thing Laughing ) stated that they would be interested in knowing what the sim can't currently do.

This was my llist of observations:

* Fully Randomised platform allocation is not yet supported, let alone probablistic modelling for certain simulation relisim elements such as passenger loading, track quality, weather etc..

* No current support , for external signalling/instrumentation support, (The Toronto users had to implement a custom solution to enable a semi-multiplayer mode for some activities they were undertaking in relation to a TTC route)

* Placing ,multiple objects in a non track parallel line is a pain,  There isn't an 'avenue' function, that would for example make it very easy to place lines of trees without having to implement them as puesdo walls or tracks. 

* There are some limitations in the physics model for really narrow gauges and tight curves. I haven't seen anyone modelling 'beachfront' miniature lines yet so this may not be a major concern.

* "Spirals" are not supported, meaning that some rather clever coding has to be undertaken.

* Although less relevant to 'rail' routes, It's not possible with the current version of the sim to easily do fixed angle turns. I found this when wanting to use the simulation for building a 'virtual' dark ride/ghost train.

* There's no easy way to script (even with animated events) certain things that are not necessarily train related.  Such as

If global time > 6:00 pm  and raining , turn on station lights in locations x,y,z....
If global time > 6:00 pm and global time < 7:00pm  shift ambient light conditions from daylight into a deep red sunset and  Early Evening violet, provided that  Fog%< 10 ...

Getting the simulation to do 'ambient color temperature' or localised lighting effects may beyond the current engine though.

On the other hand previous "experimental" routes for the BVE/Open BVE simulation have included
* 1 Japanese Roller Coaster.
* 2 'science fiction' routes
* Sanford Mace's experiments with various Monorails/ Martian People Movers  and Waterway routes.

If the 'un-official' developers would be willing to consider creating a "park-rides" branch, initially to develop support for  less than 600m guage railways, it would be appreciated.


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Re: Things OpenBVE can't do.

Post by graymac on Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:12 pm

The only major drawback I can think of is the inability to run routes in the reverse direction, though I can appreciate how difficult it would be to "reverse" them.

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