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BrnoBVE hosting section announcement Empty BrnoBVE hosting section announcement

Post by Dexter on Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:23 pm

Hello everyone,
a recent case of the Chashinai Railway, which I have uploaded to BrnoBVE Website, has made me think a bit and I have decided to establish a whole hosting section on my website.
This section has been established to accommodate work of other developers than myself – this might be due to them not having their own web presentation, or because the original location of the download has been shut down. Please be aware that Brno BVE is only providing web space for such work, I am not taking any credit for creation of the hosted content. I also do not intend to breach any copyrights, the only purpose is to make good add-ons available for the community. It is possible that this section will be updated with various work from around the globe, if the original website is out of service, or some new authors approach me with a hosting request.
Please be advised that hosting content on BVE WorldWide is free of charge and I am not to be held responsible if the hosted content causes any damage to your PC. I can assure everyone, though, that all hosted work is being tested (antivirus, functionality) on my PC before uploading to BrnoBVE website. Should you know about ANY good addon, website of which is unavailable, do not hesitate to contact me and we can try make such content available to the community again. My webspace and bandwidth should not be limited by anything.
Ideas? Write them down. Smile

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