Wandering around for textures..

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Wandering around for textures..

Post by lonelyinardwick on Sat Nov 01, 2014 7:01 am

Hi all, I hope you guys are well. I intend to write on this thread about where I have been recently, as well as things which might be useful for the developing community to make use of. My storage hard disk drive is literally cluttered with tonnes of stuff that I wish I had uploaded them by now, and I probably have said that twice already. Presently my photos are 'sorted' into folders which are named by the date of when the photos were taken, which may well be the quickest way to organise all my photos, but to me, it is getting harder to find certain files to upload, and it has become more difficult to clear up space on my terabyte worth of hard disk storage, without resulting pieces of valuable material deleted by mistake - especially as more and more stuff sitting in my cameras and camcorders are yet to be imported and organised into different folders.
Last Saturday, 25th October, I travelled to Chester, Crewe and Manchester Piccadilly from Liverpool Lime Street - armed with my Sony HDR-SR11E camcorder, my Canon SX150 camera, plus other devices in my bag needless to mention and a Cheshire Day Ranger ticket. At Crewe station, I managed to shoot a Network Rail Class 31 Maintenance train, a Virgin Trains Class 82 DVT, a DRS Class 90 locomotive, Virgin Trains MkIII coaches during its final run to Holyhead and back and a 6233 Duchess of Sutherland steam locomotive. Although, I couldn't manage shooting the cab-end of the Class 82 DVT as it was coupled at its front. Also, the Virgin Trains MkIII coaches working with 2 Class 37s and a Class 47 from West Coast Railway Company, were only stationed at Crewe platform 11 for only 15 minutes with a mob of ticket holders trying to board, and so I had to be decisive; in fact it was idle on platform 12 for a while, but I continued shooting the steam loco whilst the Mk3 coaches were leaving.
Afterwards, I hopped on the train direct to Chester and filmed around the station, soon I saw an Arriva Class 158 being checked up at the Chester station sidings. I stupidly decided to test the quality of my Lenovo tablet's camera and microphone, and quickly realised that a 5 megapixel camera would be more suitable for skyping than taking such miserable pictures. There are two hourly services to Manchester Piccadilly from Chester, one of which is the Northern service via Altrincham and Stockport and the other which is the Arriva Trains Wales service via Runcorn East and Warrington Bank Quay. Here in the North, neither of them would make a difference as to which would be the quickest to Manchester.
In Manchester, I visited the Siemens train care depot near Ardwick Station, where there was a Whistle Stop Tour event open to booked visitors, I took the rare opportunity to take photos and videos inside the cab of the First TransPennine Express Class 185 and Class 350/4; I also shot the underframe of the Class 185 in exquisite detail as well as the 01551 'Lancelot' Diesel Shunter, unfortunately I couldn't shoot the underframe of the Class 350/4 due to the restricted access to the Class 350/4 given the many hazards that the site imposes. I already shot the side and cab-end of the Class 185 at Manchester Piccadilly which is available on my Flickr page, and I'll save shooting the Class 350/4 front and sides for another day.

I'm not in a position to upload everything that I shot yesterday right away, but simply to inform you what I have that you may be interested. Watch this space for more of my textures and recordings, I might link them here if I do upload them though.

I thought you departed from the scene?? Suspect Oh well... Bye for now, Jeff.


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Re: Wandering around for textures..

Post by Quork on Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:44 pm

Heehee... Some things just don't let themselves be put aside, do they ;-) Welcome back on board, have fun, and remember to keep hobby and studies well-balanced!

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