New Public Domain Bits- Wagons

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New Public Domain Bits- Wagons

Post by leezer3 on Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:08 pm

Most of these have been briefly posted in my ongoing WIP thread, but these are the complete articles, and should help anyone wanting to model goods trains Smile
The first four of these are based upon stock in the NNR goods train.

1. GWR [BR (W)] Conflat A in Bauxite, unloaded and loaded configurations.

2. GWR Fruit D Van

3. BR 16T Steel Mineral Wagon in Bauxite (Ballast load)

4. BR 20T Brake Van

5. Shell 45T TTA Bitumen Tanker

More bits and bobs will be built in due course, but hopefully these will be of use!


Chris Lees


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