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by graymac Fri May 25, 2018 2:45 pm

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by graymac Sat May 19, 2018 6:42 pm

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by ecreek Fri May 18, 2018 12:18 pm

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College of Knowledge

General information
Homepage of the openBVE Simulator
This website currently houses the further developed version of the sim, courtesy of Chris (Leezer3). It contains all technical information on add-on creation and the most recent version of the sim with new features.

Joey Foo's website
Joey Foo's reconstruction of the official openBVE website. Unfortunately the documentation is written purely from a programmer's point of view and might not be explanatory enough for everyone.

Object construction
Eejit's Object Building Tutorial
An object building tutorial written by my Irish frined Garymac. If you want to learn how to build objects in an easy and entertaining way, this is the tutorial for you. This document is deeplinked from Brno BVE Website.

Texturing Guide For Eejits
This guide was also written by graymac and it explains how to applya texture to your created 3D geomteric structure. Recommended after reading Eeejit's Object Building. This document is deeplinked from Brno BVE Website.

Roberto Marrero's website
Explanation of basic expressions in terms of BVE object creation. The website claims it is taken from official Mackoy's website. The ads might be annoying, but the information is valuable.

BVE Italia fans
Luigi Cartello's guide to object building for openBVE. Contains explanation and examples of simple objects for verification what you should have constructed. Click the english link next to a green bench.

Route construction
Route Building Tutorial
A simple route construction tutorial for openBVE, which will help you understand the logic of route construction for the sim. Written by Gyzma and revised by Dexter. The document is deeplinked from Brno BVE Website.

Signalling Guide for Eejits
This guide was also written by graymac and it explains the security signalling systems in openBVE. If you want to check out the logic for the functionality of these systems, read it. This document is deeplinked from Brno BVE Website.

Roberto Marrero's site
Contains explanations of basic terms regarding route building and also explanation of what and when to use. It might give you a hint on the construction.

Train construction
Cab building guide
Quite a complete guide on how to create a train cabin for BVE4. Suitable for everyone, who does not want to build a 3D cab; it is written for BVE4, but the principles are functioning in openBVE as well.

Tools and utilities
Brno BVE website
Brno BVE website offers the following tools: 3D Tree, Bench builder, RailGen, RouteShifter and openBVE Script editor to make your life as a developer easier. These tools are available for free and their products can be redistributed freely.

József Riesz's website
A Hungarian website that comes up with a wheel calculator and house builder. If you browse the website carefully, you might also meet animated objects (flying birds)

Last updated January 9th, 2018